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Creative Media (Level 3)

Mission Statement

At St Mary’s we encourage our students to build on their media literacy. We consider this essential because it helps them to understand the messages that are being communicated to them, to think critically about what they are seeing, reading and hearing and to identify reliable sources and filter through the noise to get to the truth.

Media Curriculum Map

Curriculum Intent

Students completing their BTEC Nationals in Creative Digital Media Production will be aiming to go on to employment within the media industry, often via the stepping stone of higher education. The qualification provides a coherent introduction to the study of creative digital media production at this level. Learners develop an understanding of the media industry through analysing media representations and pitching and producing media projects. The course is made up of mandatory and optional units which provide a balance of breadth and depth, while retaining a degree of choice for individual learners to study content relevant to their own interests and progression choices. Those who study the course develop transferable knowledge and skills for higher education. These include the ability to learn individually, to research actively and methodically and to confidently present and be active within a group environment. Students also acquire audiovisual literacy skills, effective writing skills, cinematography and advanced editing skills and analytical skills.

Course Structure:

  • Mandatory units: There are three mandatory units, one internal and two external. Learners must complete and achieve at Near Pass grade or above in all mandatory external units and achieve a Pass or above in all mandatory internal units.
  • Unit 1: Media Representations (2 hour onscreen external exam): Learners complete an exam onscreen where they will watch and control audiovisual media products and analyse in terms of media messages. Learners will draw on their skills and understanding of media production and consumption from across the qualification to analyse the products and their associated meanings.
  • Unit 4: Pre-Production portfolio (internally assessed – worth 25% over overall qualification): Learners study the requirements of planning and delivering a digital media product, carrying out essential pre-production tasks and creating a pre-production portfolio. You will gain an understanding of the requirements of the planning stage, from finance and logistics to regulations. Your investigations will help you develop the pre-production skills and experience needed to carry out your own tasks and to produce a digital media product. You will create a portfolio and manage the pre-production for your own creative media production.
  • Unit 8: Responding to a Commission (learners are provided with a commission for a media production 6 hours external assessment): In this unit, you will understand how to respond to a commission brief with ideas based on the required content, style, audience, purpose and approach proposed by the client. You will work within the requirements and constraints of the client’s specifications and consider your response in terms of ethos, format, budget, platform and duration.

Optional units: This unit will focus on the process of producing either a short film, a radio drama, a contemporary website. A digital game or a magazine for a specific genre (worth 17% of overall qualification). Learners must complete at least one optional unit:

  • Unit 10: Film Production
  • Unit 11: Radio Production
  • Unit 12: website Production
  • Unit 13: Digital Games Production
  • Unit 14: Digital Magazine Production

Course Plan:





Key concepts & Theories

Sept - October 2022

Unit 1: Media Representations

External Exam

October – December 2023

Unit 1 Mock exam

Internal Exam

December 2022

Unit 4 & 10-14 Pre –Production & Production


January – April 2023

Unit 1: Media Representations Revision

Prep for Exam

May – June 2023

Unit 1 Assessment

External Exam

June 2023

Unit 10-14 : Production Portfolio


July – November 2023

Unit 8: Responding to a Commission

External Exam

December – June 2023

Unit 1 Assessment

External Exam – (Re-sit)

January 2024

Unit 8: Mock Exam

Internal Exam

May 2024

Unit 8 Assessment

External Exam

June 2024

External Assessment summaries: 

Unit 1: Media Representations (worth 25% of overall qualification)

Level: 3
Unit type: External

Guided learning hours: 90 

This unit is assessed through an examination onscreen set and marked by Pearson. The examination will last two hours and will consist of short- and long-answer questions. It will be taken under supervised conditions. Learners will have access to the unseen media product(s) or extracts during the examination and will be able to engage independently with onscreen material. Learners will use an electronic template to input their written responses. The number of marks for the paper is 80. Proposed entry for exam June 2023/  resit January 2024

Unit 8: Responding to a Commission (worth 33% of overall qualification)

Level: 3
Unit type: External
Guided learning hours: 120

This unit is assessed through a task set and marked by Pearson, learners will receive a commission for a media production. It will be released two weeks before a supervised assessment in order to carry out research activities into the subject. The supervised assessment period will be a maximum of six hours. The number of marks for this task is 72. Proposed entry for exam May/ June 2024

Media has helped me to understand the workings of social media and advertising and how I can make a product of my own as well as have it to meet criteria's and  standards of a client or commission. It's helped me realise what I want to do in the future as well as provide me with the skills and knowledge needed for that pathway.

- Angele, Year 13