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Work Experience

Each July, all Year 10 pupils will undertake one week’s work experience.  Pupils will prepare for this through Careers-themed PSHEE lessons to help prepare them for the world of work. This will include health and safety at work and laws surrounding work.

Work experience is important preparation for any career and makes an application stand out from the crowd on applications for courses, training and jobs. Please click here for advice on how work experience can help you.

If you do not know what job you want, or you cannot get your perfect placement, any work experience is better than none. Whatever job you try, you’ll learn more about yourself and working life. 

You'll also gain skills in the process. It may even lead to more suitable experience with the same company. It could be good preparation for another opportunity that’s closer to what you want to do. Try not to worry about where you could go to get work experience. Concentrate on what you could learn or improve on.

Please see below for the paperwork relating to Work Experience for students in Year 10.