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School Values & Ethos

St Mary’s Catholic School is part of the mission of the Catholic Church, which places the educational process in this setting.

This means that the ‘Catholic life of the school’ is not an ‘add-on’ or ‘optional extra’ but is fundamental to our identity as a Catholic school.

Vision and Values

The shared values of the school community are summarised by three words, reflecting the charism of our patrons St. Francis and St. Mary, and which underpin everything that we do, providing strong foundations for all we strive to accomplish:

Love for Christ and for one another, as peacemakers, made in the image of God. Demonstrated by kindness, forgiveness and care.

Respect as demonstrated by being calm, smart, polite, purposeful and prayerful – having high expectations and caring for our community and all creation.

Flourish academically, artistically, physically, culturally and spiritually. Demonstrated by active engagement and pride in all that we do.

Our Vision

We are a community dedicated to achieving excellence for all, producing young people formed by Gospel values to become responsible, compassionate and caring members of society whilst fulfilling their potential in all aspects of the curriculum.