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Provider Access Legislation (PAL) changed in January 2023 to ensure that schools are promoting all pathways equally.

Secondary schools now have a legal duty to provide pupils with at least 6 encounters with a provider of approved technical education qualifications or apprenticeships throughout their time at school, including sixth form.

The new law states that two of these encounters must be in the “first key phase” of school, to take place any time during year 8 or between September 1 and February 28 in Year 9.

A further two encounters must then be in the “second key phase”, to take place any time during year 10 or between September 1 and February 28 in year 11.

A further two encounters must be offered when in Years 12 or 13. However, unlike the encounters in years 8-11 which have a mandatory attendance, sixth formers will not have to attend by law.

Technical education providers can be:

  • ITPs (Independent Training Providers)
  • Colleges
  • Commercial Training Providers
  • Voluntary & Charitable Sectors
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • UTCs (University Technical Colleges)

Approved apprenticeship providers are those who are registered with The Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers who are an apprenticeship Levy paying employer-provider.

Meeting PAL 2022-2023

During our Careers Carousel in September 2022 we had a number of employers present who offered a range of employment and apprenticeships. We also had Stansted Airport College, Cambridge Regional College and Harlow College present to discuss the range of vocational pathways available with our students. Students in Year 9, 10 and 11 were in attendance, our sixth formers were invited to attend the Careers Carousel during their study periods / break times.

Students in Year 8 have a planned Vocational Careers Talk with Hertford Regional College this summer term together with talks from approved apprenticeship providers.

We are excited about the changes and new plans to our Careers Programme going forward into the 2023 – 2024 academic year, ensuring the new PAL being a priority. We look forward to inviting more technical education providers into school to discuss the wide range of career opportunities available to our students.