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Outside Inside Day Year 12

In July 2023, we held our very first Outside Inside Day for our Year 12 students as part of their Enrichment Week.

Outside Inside Day is a day designed to enable our Year 12 students to experience and explore their subject areas in the context of the wider world, not just through the eyes of exam specifications. All students were to plan the day by themselves under the strict instruction of 'doing something to further your career and make you standout on your CV and UCAS application'.

Here is where some of our students went for their Outside Inside Day 2023:

  • Science Museum London
  • Tour of the Royal Albert Hall
  • Royal Courts of Justice
  • National Art Gallery
  • Trampoline Park (Physics)
  • Cinema (Film / Media Studies)
  • Bank of England Museum
  • Online Pharmaceutical Course
  • War Museum
  • Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge

Photos are to be uploaded shortly.