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Mission statement

Maths is your solution.

The link below allows you to see when topics may be covered; this is a guide for information only and has the potential to change as the year progresses.

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Update - Maths is your Solution

Curriculum intent

We aim to make Mathematics an enjoyable, interesting and worthwhile experience for all pupils. We aim to foster pupils’ perseverance and resourcefulness in solving problems, and to develop their ability to think logically yet creatively, leading to an affinity with the subject and excellent examination results.  

Key Stage 3

  • Providing a supportive and positive learning environment to facilitate students’ progress mathematically  
  • Inspire students to embrace maths and to help alleviate any anxiety that surrounds learning maths
  • Encourage students to think independently and creatively in maths   

Key Stage 4 

A GCSE in mathematics should help pupils to:

  • Develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of a variety of methods and concepts.  
  • Select the correct method and apply this to solving problems.  
  • Reason and explain mathematical decisions which can include making deductions and conclusions based on given or found information.  
  • Use and understand maths in a given context to interpret and convey information  


In each Key Stage, checking that mathematics has been embedded will take place on a regular basis.   

  • Year 7 – 10:  From Year 7 through to the end of Year 10, students can expect lessons to begin with recall questions in addition to topic assessments.  There will be two assessments each half term, one of which will be a larger full-term assessment. 
  • Year 11: From the beginning of Year 11, students will face full GCSE examination papers.  


Details of the topics covered can be found in the National Curriculum document  by clicking here    

Being a student in the Maths department can be hard but also fun. When we are stuck, we get support from our teacher and classmates. The teachers are always setting challenging work to push us, but they explain it well so we understand and work to the best of our ability.