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Governing Body

Governor Information

Mr Paul Carroll - Chair


Date of appointment: January 2020

Term of office: 4 years (terminates August 2027)

Appointed by: Archdiocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)

Additional Roles: Chair of Resources Committee, Drugs Policy Governor, Election Officer, and Teaching and Learning Governor

Hello, I am Paul, I have been married to Christine for 43 years and have 3 sons and 3 grandchildren. I am now retired having spent over 30 years as a public servant Policing, in Central and North East London. I have also spent 45 years of my life, working with young people, as a Military Reservist and those undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Award where I am currently the Regional Advisor for a Youth organisation covering East Anglia. I am now in my 17th year of being a school Governor within the Diocese of Westminster having served at 2 other Catholic Secondary schools prior to St Marys. I chose Catholic Schools as I am a practising Catholic and very interested in the delivery of the ethos and values of Catholic Education to young people irrespective of faith. I list amongst my hobbies being referee for the Rugby Football Union and Umpire for Hertfordshire Cricket.

Mrs Caroline Dundridge - Vice Chair

Date of appointment: February 2022

Term of office: 4 years (terminates January 2026)

Appointed by: Archdiocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)

St Mary's is the third school where I have been a Governor.  The reason I enjoy being a Governor of St Mary's is because it's a great opportunity to make a positive impact on students' education.  I enjoy contributing to shaping policies, supporting teachers, and ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment for the pupils. 

It's a chance to be involved in the educational Catholic community and help guide the future of the school. It's a rewarding role that allows you to make a difference.

Dr Michael Cullinan 


Date of appointment: Most recent re-appointment, September 2021

Term of office: 4 years (terminates August 2025)

Appointed by: Archdiocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)

Additional Roles: Chair of School Improvement Committee, Drugs Policy Governor, and Training Governor

B.Sc. graduate in electronics, worked initially in electronics for Marconi and then BRC for 3 years. Took up position as University Research Assistant in microelectronics and then progressed to University Lecturer and Researcher in integrated circuit design obtaining an M.Sc. and Ph.D. Since that time I have concentrated on research in Artificial Neural Networks, both hardware and software modelling. A.N.Ns. are used in parallel processing both biological and electronic pattern recognition e.g. medical diagnosis, and general data mining.

I am mainly retired now but still associated with colleagues at a number of universities.

Mrs Tina Lincoln 

Date of appointment: April 2021

Term of office: 4 years (terminates April 2025)

Appointed by: Parent Election (Parent Governor)

Appointed parent governor of St Mary's School and am currently one of the school's Admissions governors.  I currently work in an independent school, and previously worked for almost ten years in an international school overseas.

I have three children, with one currently at St Mary's and taking exams this year.  I enjoy running and have recently joined a local netball team. 

Mr Robert New

Date of appointment: June 2020

Term of office: 4 years (terminates August 2027)

Appointed by: Archdiocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)

Additional Roles: Safeguarding Governor, and Data Protection Officer.

4+ years ago I was asked by the parish priest to consider becoming a Foundation governor at St Mary's School. I had retired by that stage and lived a walkable distance from the school. I was looking for an opportunity to become more involved in my own community. There was also a curiosity to find out what goes on in school these days and a perception that the school must be doing something right.... I had never had a negative experience with any of the young people in its care nor heard any grumbles from people that I knew. Here then, I thought, was an organisation that deserved whatever support I could usefully give it. Now that I have been involved for a number of years and have developed an insight into the complexities of the teachers' lot, their enthusiasm and how hard they and the students work I remain proud to lend that support.

Mrs Elaine Sullivan Qosja 

Date of appointment: April 2021

Term of office: 4 years (terminates August 2026)

Appointed by: Archdiocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)

My background is International Human Resources Management, I have worked for three (Ernst and Young, Deloitte and Touche, KPMG) of the Big Four Consulting Firms and held two expatriate posts in the Middle East and Russia. I transferred to the Humanitarian sector with Save the Children covering Emergency Response, my region was East and Central Africa. I hold an MA in Human Resource Management and am a Corporate Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development. My latest sport is 'wild water swimming' when I am not being a taxi driver to my two children who are in year 11.

Mr Michael Sullivan 

Date of appointment: February 2022

Term of office: 4 years (terminates January 2026)

Appointed by: Archdiocese of Westminster (Foundation Governor)

Our family is actively involved in the life of the Church in Bishops Stortford and we have children at both St Josephs and St Marys. Both schools have a great reputation in the community and need our support to ensure that they continue to provide an excellent Catholic Education through our challenging times. I am a former Teacher at St Marys, so have a good understanding of the school's many strengths and areas where improvements can be made. I have a degree in Civil Engineering and am currently working as a project manager in the Property and Construction sector. My aim in being on the Governors is to support staff and pupils in their catholic life as well as sharing my life experiences to encourage and guide the school on its learning journey.

Charlotte Saunders                                                         

Date of appointment: May 2023

Term of office: 4 years (terminates May 2027)

Appointed by: Parent Election (Parent Governor)

I am an experienced school teacher, having recently led the Early Years Foundation Stage of 2 local primary schools, including one within the trust.

I have a daughter in Key Stage 3 at St. Mary’s.

Mrs M Brewin



Date of appointment: November 2021

Term of office: 4 years (terminates November 2025)

Appointed by: Staff Governor

I have joined St Mary’s in 2016 – best decision made as I love the school and its Catholic ethos as well as the community: great students and very supportive and kind staff. I am grateful that I have had been given an opportunity to represent staff as their governor.

Although I teach maths at all key stages, I am a great advocate for engineering which has always been my true passion. With my degree in mining engineering and geoengineering, I take every opportunity to show students how cool and interesting maths and physics can be when combined together.  I am a wife and a mum of one child who is currently a student at our school, I like walking and meditation as well as improving my German.