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Gatsby Benchmarks


The Careers Department is extremely proud that we are working hard to ensure we achieve 100% on all eight of the Gatsby Benchmarks.

What are the Gatsby Benchmarks?

The benchmarks are a framework for good career guidance developed to support schools in providing students with the best possible careers education, information, advice, and guidance. To view the certificate click here.

We work closely with The Careers and Enterprise Company . The Careers and Enterprise Programme is a free provision managed locally by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership to support us to achieve all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks (a target set by the department for Education in their Careers Strategy Dec 2017).


CDI Framework

The careers provision with the school works hard to ensure that the 6 key elements of the CDI Framework are fully integrated within the Careers Programme in order that all students are able to work towards a positive career.

The Career Development Framework, updated in 2021 describes the six career development skills that people need to have positive careers.

The word ‘Career’ describes our journey through life, learning and through work. The purpose of the CDI Framework was to actively work on and develop our careers to make the best of them, to clarify the skills, knowledge and attitudes that individuals need to have a positive career.


Compass enables us to evaluate our careers activities against the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. It assists us in discovering the strengths in our careers programme and enables us to find areas for improvement.

Here is our most recent evaluation (July 2023).