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Looking ahead to life beyond St Marys, we encourage all Sixth Form students to explore their post 18 options at every opportunity.

All students have access to Unifrog, the online careers destinations platform which enables pupils to explore the many different career opportunities open to them and the varied routes of entry. Unifrog enables students to dive further into career industries, do further reading, watch webinars, gives them a template to write their CV on and is generally packed full of useful information to help them explore their next steps.

Students are allocated career sessions where they have access to the online platform My Super Curricular. My Super Curricular is a web platform that contains a wealth of quality academic resources and recommendations that will allow students to extend their knowledge and nurture their intellectual curiosity. All resources on My Super Curricular are user-friendly, easy to access, search and save, and are selected by super curricular experts and subject specialists. My Super Curricular platform has access to thousands of book recommendations, online courses, publications, links to useful websites, podcasts, videos, work experiences, competitions, university events and more all in one place.

Students also have access to their UCAS accounts where they can access bundles of resources and guides to assist them in their post 18 searches including Unviersity courses and Apprenticeship vacancies.

Guidance Meetings

We have an external, Level 6 qualified Independent Careers Advisor who frequents the school to carry out Careers Interviews with our students. All students in Year 12 and 13 are offered an appointment. Students are able to request individual guidance at any time and an appointment with be booked to see our Independent Careers Advisor as well as seek advice and discuss action plans with our Careers Leader who is based in the Sixth Form block.

Additional Futures Support

Our tutorial team are always on hand to discuss ideas and provide guidance. We issue regular updates regarding applying to University, apprenticeships, employment, a Gap year or other education or training delivered through form-time activities and assemblies. 

Each year, group in Sixth Form have their own Sixth Form Manager meaning that they receive continuous support in pastoral, UCAS, Unifrog and everyday needs. We are very proud of the support we provide our students and feel as though this makes our Sixth Form stand out.

Sixth Form students are strongly encouraged to use their 5 approved 'Day of Approved Leave' per academic year to attend university open days, careers fairs, work experience and other futures events. Students must complete the absence form in advance, have it signed by the Director of Sixth Form, hand it to their Sixth Form Manager who will keep records and ensure the activity is uploaded on to the students Unifrog account to support their UCAS applications.