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We encourage all Sixth Form students to explore their post 18 options.

All students have access to an online careers computer package (Unifrog) which enables pupils to explore the many different career opportunities open to them and the varied routes of entry. Students are also able to request individual guidance interviews with our external independent careers advisor as well as seek advice and discuss action plans with our Careers Leader.  

Our tutorial team are always on hand to discuss ideas and provide guidance. We issue regular updates regarding applying to University, apprenticeships, employment, a Gap year or other education or training. Opportunities for exploring future choices are available throughout the two years of Sixth Form.

Sixth Form students are able to seek permission for up to five absences per academic year to attend visits to explore these post-18 options. Permission to attend any such events must be sought using the Sixth Form Post 18 Choices Form which can be collected from the Head of Sixth Form and must be returned in order to keep a track of the events, lectures and careers options that have been explored.

Students will also be logging their own activity on Unifrog to support UCAS applications.