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Careers in the Curriculum

Careers in the Curriculum

Teaching students about different careers throughout the school curriculum, and how jobs and careers are linked to their subjects, is incredibly important.  For example, 

  • It allows students to gain knowledge of a range of different career options they may not have thought of.
  • It can make subjects more relevant to students by highlighting the career and progression pathways.
  • It helps prepare students for life after school.

Research shows careers education in lessons has a significant impact, especially on young people's personal effectiveness (self-esteem, confidence and motivation) and career readiness.

Teachers regularly link curriculum learning to careers throughout their lessons all year round. There is a particularly heavy focus on careers in the curriculum during national weeks including Green Careers Week, National Apprenticeship Week, Science Week and National Careers Week.

It is also important that students see the importance of Maths, English and Science when planning their next steps. The websites below provide more information about how the topics learnt in these subjects link to different careers: