Half Term 5 & 6 Learning Themes - Years 7-12

At St Mary's we combine our ambition for students to achieve academic excellence with our aim to develop their spiritual and moral awareness. We take care to structure a curriculum for students that develops their independent learning skills and fosters a love of life-long learning. The curriculum is designed to ensure all students experience a broad and balanced education in these respects.

In Key Stages 3 and 4 all students follow a core programme of English, Mathematics, Science, RE and PE.

In Key Stage 3 they also follow courses in Art, D&T, Drama, Geography, History, ICT/Computing, Music and one Modern Foreign Language, from French, Spanish and Italian.

In Key Stage 4, as well as the core programme of study there is a range of optional subjects from which students may choose. Wherever possible, in selecting which subjects to offer our students at Key Stage 4 and 5, we endeavour to recognise the aspirations of the students with a view to their progression into higher education and or employment after graduating from St Mary's.

Academically we ensure that all those that need help, receive it. Whether that is students that are academically gifted or students with a specific need. We have a wide ranging and carefully targeted intervention programme to ensure that all students are able to make the progress of which they are capable. Our academic tracking system allows teachers to monitor and improve each student's progress throughout the course of the year, with guidance taking place both inside and outside of the classroom. Parents receive regular feedback regarding their son/daughter's progress and we encourage a dialogue between staff and parent to ensure students are supported in school and at home.

Please contact the school by email to find out more information if needed on any aspect of curriculum.

Mr C Palmer

Assistant Headteacher


St Mary’s Award

The award, which takes the form of a certificate and a quality blazer badge, is presented twice yearly to students across the school who have demonstrated a significant level of contribution to the school community and beyond and have challenged themselves in terms of their own personal development.

The award is intended to be challenging and requires students to participate in a variety of different ways.

Students will be award Bronze, Silver or Gold badges at Junior, Intermediate or Senior levels, thus giving a wide range of goals to strive for.

From this summer we will be introducing a new special award. A few students who have already achieved the gold award for their age group and have then gone on to support other students in their quest to achieve an award will be made a St Mary’s Ambassador.

St Mary’s Award was piloted in 2016-2017 with years 7 and 9 and rolled out to the whole school in September 2017. The first 50 students received their awards just before February Half Term during our Feast Day celebrations, and in excess of 100 more will be given an award on the last day of term. 


British Values at St Mary’s

British and Gospel Values Audit - Spring 2019

At St Mary’s we are proud to be a Catholic community in which the Gospel values are entrenched in our teaching, learning and pastoral activities. We promote the absolute importance of equality for people of all gender, nationality, race, religion, sexuality, physical/mental ability and economic capacity. We also actively support the importance of sustainability with regards to the use of resources and how we can help preserve environmental health across the globe for future generations.

We have a commitment to ensure that spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is a vital part of the curriculum to ensure that our community fully appreciates the values of a modern British society. Students are enabled to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Core British values are promoted in a number of ways throughout St Mary’s:


The Rule of Law

Students distinguish right from wrong and respect the civil and criminal law of England via our extensive compulsory PSHE programme where pupils explore issues relating to crime and punishment within our British and legal judiciary system. Ethical issues are explored within the context of state and religious law so that pupils are able to make a clear distinction between the law of the land and religious laws. Students learn that British citizens have a freedom to choose and hold other faiths/beliefs and that this entitlement is protected by law. Students are fully aware of our school behaviour policy which is well publicised to all of our community members.



Our students acquire a broad general knowledge and respect for public institutions and services in England via our PSHE programme which enables our students to understand and appreciate governmental process within a modern democratic society. Students at St Mary’s respect democracy and engage in democratic processes via an annual student council election process and subsequent pupil voice opportunities. In PSHE pupils learn that there is a separation of power between the executive and the judiciary, and that while some public bodies such as the police and the army can be held to account through Parliament, others such as the courts maintain independence.


Mutual Respect

Our mission statement is one that is wholly inclusive of all community members. Students accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative, and understand how they can contribute positively to the lives of those living and working in the locality of the school and to society more widely via our numerous charity events which are developed and implemented by the student body. For example, our students have supported local elderly and SEN community members for a good number of years and our annual shoe box appeal consistently generates an impressive collective response from the student community.

Via our Religious studies programme and assembly programme, pupils appreciate that every person is unique and created in the image of god. Mutual respect is encouraged in our behaviour policies which tackle issues of bullying and e-safety. Our students our actively encouraged to present themselves with courtesy and exhibit good manners at all times.


Respect of those with Different Faiths and Beliefs

Harmonious relationships between different cultural traditions are actively encouraged as part of our compulsory Religious Studies curriculum from Year 7 to Year 13. Students acquire an appreciation of and respect for their own and other cultures. We have numerous opportunities for representatives to come and share their faith and cultural experiences with our community.


Individual Liberty

Discrimination of individuals by any means is actively discouraged via our PSHE and whole-school assembly programmes. Historical and modern instances of discrimination and injustice are explored in depth to ensure that all of our community members are aware of the inherent danger caused by discrimination in any guise.

Further details relating to the PSHE and Religious Studies curriculum can be found on the Curriculum section of our website.

We follow guidelines as published by our Diocese which can be viewed via this link: British Values Pratical Advice

We have recently reviewed our curriculum and assembly provisions using the main focus areas provided by the CES. Please find a copy of the current audit here: St Mary's British Values Audit



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