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Mission statement: To help each individual student to discover their musical potential through listening, composing and performing.

Curriculum map

Curriculum aims:

  • To allow students to develop a higher level of solo performance on their main instrument (Grade 5+)
  • To take their compositions to a higher level through the study of Western Classical Tradition and in some cases use this as their specialism at examination
  • To study the symphony in great detail from Baroque to Romantic including set works
  • To explore a second area of study ranging from rock and pop, musical theatre and jazz
  • To enable students to take music into their adult lives either as a career or a worthwhile life skill

Students are assessed in all 3 components in A Level music – Performing, Composing and Listening. They are frequently expected to perform in front of the other students to improve their stamina and work towards their final recital programme. They are also assessed regularly on their compositions and given detailed teacher feedback. Once they have completed an Area of Study for the listening exam, they are given past paper exam questions to test their understanding and recall.