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16-19 Bursary

The fund is made available from the government through its funding body - the Young People’s Learning Agency (YPLA) - for 16-19 year olds to provide assistance to students whose access to, or completion of, education is inhibited by financial constraints or barriers. 

To be eligible for the bursary students agree to meet the standards expectations and approach that are required of a sixth form student at St Mary’s.

  1. Qualification criteria for a Vulnerable Bursary

This is for students in Year 12 and 13, aged at least 16 and under 19 on 31/08/22. Eligible students will receive a guaranteed £1,200 bursary for the academic year ahead.  This is classified as high priority. 

Eligible students must fall into one or more of the following criteria; 

  • Are currently in care (as defined by social services)
  • Are leaving or have recently left care
  • Are in receipt of Income Support or Universal credit in their own right.
  • Getting Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments in their own right. 

 Students must receive these benefits in their own right to be eligible for a vulnerable student bursary. 

Evidence of eligibility will be required an example of this is a letter from the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions)or written confirmation from the local authority confirming the  students current or previous looked after status.

      2.  Qualification criteria for a Discretionary Bursary

There are two groups in the discretionary bursary categorised as medium /low. 

Students in Year 12 and 13 aged at least 16 and under 19 on 31/08/22 will be eligible if they fall into one of the following categories:

Medium priority group

  • Students other than those in category 1 who are registered for a free school meal.
  • Living in a household where the parent(s)/guardian(s )are in receipt of income support 

Eligible students in this group may apply to the 16–19 Bursary Fund for a contribution towards: The cost of transport, essential course equipment, trips, uniforms, exam re-sit fees, etc. This may be a one off payment for specific items or a bursary for support up to a maximum of £1200, according to need.  Amounts paid will be subject to the number of students in the category and the availability of funds.

Low priority group

Students who fall into the following category:

  • Living in a household where the gross annual household income is less than £21,000

Those in the low priority group will be considered for financial support, subject to availability of funds, after those in the other priority groups have been awarded.  Students in this group may get a contribution towards the cost of essential course equipment, transport costs or other expenses related to education. 

Please note for all Discretionary bursaries:

Evidence of eligibility will be required. 

This may be:

  • A certified letter from the LA regarding free school meals
  • Certified letter from DWP
  • Family P60
  • Self-employment income evidence
  • Other means tested certification

Students and parents must sign a declaration confirming that any evidence given in support of their application is correct and complete to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Discretionary Bursaries will be available dependent on 100% attendance unless absence is authorised.  Applications are for the Academic Year only and students who still meet the eligibility criteria will have to reapply for subsequent years.