Year 9 Extra-curricular Activities

It’s been wonderful to see year 9 back in school and enjoying their face-to-face lessons. The students recognised by the teachers for many academic and pastoral achievements. With the start of year 10 fast approaching, this bodes very well for the start of their GCSE subjects. To support the students make an effective transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4, we recently organised an assembly where a few current year 10 students shared their advice to the year 9 students.

From the sample of year 9 pupils I spoke to they found this very helpful. Here is a flavour of some of the excellence pro-duced by year 9 this half term.

Mr Eddleston, Year 9 Learning Coordinator

Upcoming Events

10 Aug

A Level Results Day

All Day
12 Aug

GCSE Results Day

All Day
01 Sep

Inset Day 1 - Pupils Absent

All Day
02 Sep

Pupils Return (Year 7 and 12)

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