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Results Day 2020


Adjustment is available from A level Results Day (13th August 2020), until 31st August. It can be used if you exceed your original predicted grades on your UCAS application. It gives you the chance to swap your place for another course you prefer at a different university. 

It's entirely optional, and a lot of competitive courses will be full – but other applicants might have missed their conditions, so it could be worth seeing what's available. If you try Adjustment but you don't find anything, you'll still keep the course you gained on Results Day.

St Marys A level results

 How does it work?

  1. On Results Day, register in Track. Your original choice will be safe while you're looking for another – you'll only lose it if you confirm you'd like to go elsewhere and the new university adds themselves to your application.
  2. There's no vacancy list for Adjustment; you'll need to check course details using the search tool and contact admissions offices at universities to talk about any possible vacancies. Tell them you're applying through Adjustment and give them your Personal ID. (They won't be able to see your application unless you've registered.)
  3. They'll check you've met and exceeded your conditions. (Remember if you contact them on Results Day there could be a short delay while your application is updated.) Talk to them about course vacancies, but be careful to confirm that you're just gathering information at this stage – only verbally agree an offer with a university or college if you're absolutely sure you want it.
  4. If a university offers you a place over the phone, you just need to let them know if you'd like to accept it. Remember you can only have one Adjustment offer, and it's the university that will add themselves to your application. Only verbally accept one offer, and make sure it's the right one! If they're happy to accept you, your Track screen will be updated with the new choice and you will be sent confirmation letter.



Clearing is how universities fill any places they still have on their courses. On Results Day, and through to 20th October, you can apply for a course using Clearing, if you’re not already holding an offer from a university. You may want to consider using Clearing, if things don’t go to plan on Results Day.


How do I apply using Clearing?

  1. Use the search tool on ucas.com to find courses – it's the only official vacancy list. If you can't find the course you want, please keep checking – universities update their course information regularly.
  2. Check the course details – how is it structured each year? What modules make up each year? What are the entry requirements?
  3. Talk to any universities you're interested in. Before you add a Clearing choice in Track, you need to call the university and give them your Clearing number (you can find this in Track) and Personal ID, so they can look up your application.
  4. Ask if they'd accept you – they might reconsider you (maybe for the same course) even if you applied to them earlier in the year.
  5. Get informal offers over the phone, and then decide which one you want to accept.
  6. Ask about accommodation options. Try to do a virtual tour of the university.
  7. Add your Clearing choice in Track. Only add a Clearing choice once you have permission from the university. Click 'Add Clearing choice', and fill in the course details by the date the university gave you on the phone.
  8. Completing your choice in Track counts as you definitely accepting the offer. If the university confirms, it'll show as an acceptance on your 'Choices' page in Track.
  9. You can only add one choice at a time, but if the university doesn't confirm your place, you'll be able to add another. If you haven't already applied, you first need to register and make an application. Unlike applying before Clearing, you’ll only be able to add a choice after you’ve submitted your application.


University – useful websites

If you are planning on going to University in September, you probably have lots of questions about what will happen and if you will start at the expected time. 88% of universities have confirmed their intentions for their teaching delivery in the next academic year.





https://www.gov.uk/student-finance and https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/student-finance/



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