School Routines and Procedures

School Policies

All school polices are available on our school website and should be the first point of reference for any query you may have. I also ask that you take the time to read through the school rules and ICT code of conduct and sign in the student planner that you have read and understood with your child.


School Attendance and Punctuality

School attendance is aimed to be 96% and above for every child. Students with good attendance are happy, thrive and succeed. Please do ensure your child aims for excellent attendance and any medical/dental appointments etc are scheduled for after school and holiday times wherever possible so as not to disadvantage their learning. Students should be in school ready for a prompt start at 8.45am. Please note the school site is not open to students until 8.00am. Any student arriving before this time will be unsupervised.


School Bus and Train Rules for All Students

St Mary’s students are expected to be safe and responsible when using any form of transport. It is essential that students are aware of School Bus and Train Safety and know how to report any concerns of worries that they may have. All students have attended an Assembly regarding behaviour, conduct and how to keep themselves safe on their journey to and from school. 

To access further information please click on the link: School Bus and Train Rules


Students with Medical Needs

We would like to ensure that any student identified as having a health care need has an up to date and accurate health care plan in place, informing the school of the young person’s care needs, medication and support that may be required is the parents’ responsibility. If your child has a health care need, albeit physical or mental health need, may I ask that you complete the “Individual Health Care Plan” document attached with clear information and guidance to ensure our records are accurate and up to date.

Whilst we are happy to discharge our responsibility to provide the appropriate medical care including medications as required within school premises and hours, all medication must be of appropriate dosage, quantity and within date. It is the responsibility of the parents and carers to provide the school with the necessary up to date information on their child’s condition along with the appropriate and up to date medication including inhalers, epipens, regular medications etc.

A “Health Care Plan” and “Parental agreement for school/setting to administer medicine” if appropriate will need to be completed in due course (forms available from our school office) to be returned to the school reception office with both documents in a sealed envelope with “FIRST AID” written clearly on the envelope.


Forgotten Items: Books/PE Kit

Please be aware that Reception will no longer be accepting any forgotten items e.g. PE kits, books etc. as this can be very disruptive to classes and the efficient running of reception. This allows students to accept the consequences which in the long term will result in students becoming more organised and independent.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated


Student Uniform

The Student Planner has a clear section regarding school uniform expectations. We pride ourselves on excellence and require our students to uphold these high standards. I ask that you ensure your child’s clothing is clearly labelled with name tags. I remind you the school rules regarding appropriate footwear, jewellery and haircuts are clearly set in the student planner. Please note that chewing gum is forbidden on site. I would also like to request that for PE your child brings roll-on deodorant rather than deodorant cans for safety reasons.


Student Mobile Phone Policy

Please can I remind you of the following regarding mobile phones:


Equipment for Learning

Please ensure your child is well equipped for their learning and has a good routine for packing their bag prepared for the school day.

The list of equipment needed:

Please note that we do not allow pupils to use correction fluid or tape (Tippex or similar).

All exercise books MUST be covered. A set of book covers are widely available in high street stationary stores. The school Library also has a “Student Services” facility whereby a stationary shop selling all items including book covers is available during opening hours.



Students will have their username and password for “Show My Homework” which is a highly effective tool to help and support students in their learning. You can support your child by ensuring they have a desk and work space at home to help support their studies. It is also recommended that as parents you use the “Show my homework” app on your mobile device. This will help you support your child with the planning and management of their homework schedule.


Upcoming Events and Updates

Please do familiarise yourselves with our school website where you will find all the latest news and upcoming events. Our school Twitter page provides all updates via social media to keep you well informed. Please follow us:

Upcoming Events

10 Dec

Year 13 Mock Exams

10 December, 2018 – 20 December, 2018
11 Dec

Year 11 Mock Exams

11 December, 2018 – 18 December, 2018
17 Dec

Year 9 Basketball - away - Leventhorpe

4:00pm - 6:30pm
18 Dec

Year 7 Art Workshop Animation Nation

All Day