Students Staggered Start Wednesday 5th January 2022

So that we can uphold the Government’s request to test every student when they return to school on Wednesday 5th January.

It will be WEEK A.

There will be a staggered return for all pupils to the school site and the timings for each year group will be as follows:

  • 8:30am Year 7 (Hall) Year 8 (Hume)
  • 10:00am Year 9 (Hall) and 10 (Hume)
  • 10:45 am Year 11 (Hall) and 12 (Hume) Year 13 (Sixth Form Study Centre)

Once pupils arrive onsite they must go to the location identified above where they will conduct their own LFD test.

A survey link will be sent home to all parents on Monday 3rd January to complete to confirm that:

  • Their child has completed an LFD test on Tuesday the 4th January before they return to school site on Wednesday 5th January
  • They give consent for their child to test again on school site on Wednesday 5th January.

The bus companies have been informed that only Year 7 and 8 can travel on the bus on the morning of Wednesday the 5th January but all pupils will be able to travel home using their usual school bus service at the end of the school day.

If your child has had COVID during the Christmas period or within the last 90 days on the 5th January then it is advised that your child does not complete a test due to the possibility of a false positive being received.

Mrs G Tatman
Assistant Headteacher



Posted 8 months ago