Newsflash - Music for All!

We are so happy to be running choir, orchestra and rock and pop groups again after 18 months without the sound of music ringing across the playground!

We have our Carol service coming up in St Joseph’s church on 15th December, and it would be lovely to see more students than ever before participating in the music for this celebration. If your child plays an instrument or enjoys singing carols, please arrange for them to stay after school until 4.15pm on Mondays for Orchestra and 4pm on Tuesdays for Choir.

Next week is our special Reward Week, and everyone who comes to Choir or Orchestra ( and other clubs) will get a House-Point and a bar of chocolate as a ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’. Don’t forget participation will also help towards the St Mary’s Award, with first badges being presented in November.

We have some new initiatives this year too, and I would like to ask for your help with these, if possible. Music lessons and instruments are costly, but invaluable, and we really want to widen the participation in school. We have a large number of Sixth Form students who have chosen to learn a new instrument as an enrichment activity. They will then be forming bands and hopefully performing to younger students.

If you have bass guitars or digital drum-sets sitting in your loft or garage, could you perhaps donate or loan them to St Mary’s ?

Likewise we are offering clarinet and saxophone lessons in registration time to selected student who we think will really benefit from this opportunity, but the initiative has proved popular and we could make excellent use of the loan or gift of any clarinets or saxophones tucked away at home. Please contact Mrs Salter-Kay and Mrs Wilkin via if you are able to help us provide for as many students as possible.

Mrs Wilkin, Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Salter-Kay, Teacher of Music
Mrs Matthews, Subject Leader for Music

Posted 3 months ago