Year 10 Parents' Evening -Thursday 21st March, 4-7pm

Parents’ Evening –Thursday 21st March 2019, 4 – 7 p.m.

Year 10 Parents Evening will take place on Thursday, 21st March 2019 at which you can meet with all of your child’s subject teachers.

It will be an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and monitor their efforts since the start of their GCSE courses.

Pupils will be issued with an appointment sheet and a target sheet. This target sheet should be taken to every teacher and the students are require to write down at least one target for each subject. The teachers will discuss which targets will be suitable. The students will then review these targets after Assessment Point 3 to ensure that they are making positive steps towards achieving these targets.

Please be aware we will be using the school Hall, Hume theatre and the K block, and information regarding the location of each department will be included on the back of the appointment sheets so students can plan accordingly.

It is strongly recommended that you attend this important evening however, if you are unable to attend could you please e-mail Miss Clark at .

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Posted 6 months ago