Message from Mr Celano - Sunday 22nd March 2020

Good morning Parents,

Whilst communications from me will slow a little in the weeks ahead, for now I’m keeping up a very regular contact with you all because there are just so many big changes to our lives these days. 

Today you will receive reminders from Mrs Wilkin via email about work routines for home learning this week. There are a very small number of families who have no parent working from home, nor alternative safe supervision, and for whom a parent is a key worker.  They should already have details for tomorrow (from Mr McMillan) and will receive a personal phone call from either me or one of my Senior Team later today to confirm. 

However, as it is Sunday morning, please allow me to say that if you, like me, have a household that is still recovering a bit from the massive and indefinite changes to our previously uninterrupted way of life, then I wonder if the following might help:

Firstly, Mass:  Whilst I know individual parishes will have their own arrangements – I do encourage you to tune in to the Mass from Bishop’s Stortford if you can by clicking this link just before Mass at 11am  At times of crisis, people find routines and symbols reassuring, and therefore it can be hugely reassuring to hear the sounds of Mass ringing out inside your own home.  Even if you are not able to watch it rigidly, perhaps have it on a device somewhere with the readings and familiar sounds bringing you comfort.   

Secondly, routine: I am not yet suggesting that your children begin their work at 09:00 tomorrow, but getting into routine sooner rather than later would probably be very helpful.  If your children are like most children, then they will either be inwardly or outwardly unsettled.  Some children might be very tearful for no apparent reason, some will keep that anxiety hidden away.  Some will have no anxiety at all.  Wherever your child is on that spectrum of response, talk with them about their feelings, and know that researchers do tell us that a little routine can be good at times like this.  Of course, normally children follow a strict timetable every day of their life, even moving to the sound of a bell in school!  I don’t suggest you ring a bell at home (far from it!), but you might find that establishing hours for school work, breaks, physical activity and recreation will help.  Teachers will be online during their normal working hours, so certainly matching up your children’s hours with school hours will be helpful for the children keep in touch.

Finally, collective action.  Partly to mark Mothering Sunday, but also as a collective action, all churches are being called to a National Day of Prayer and Action.  That includes at 7pm this Sunday, lighting a candle (safely) in the windows of your own home as a visible symbol of the light of life, Jesus Christ, our source of hope in prayer.

May God bless you all this Mothering Sunday. 

Andrew Celano


Posted 9 months ago