Year 11 Catering Trip - February 2019

On the 1st February 2019 Mrs Borman, one of our Food Technology Teachers took students preparing for the GCSE Catering and Food preparation course to Westminster Kingsway, as well as exploring some of the Street Food in nearby Borough and Camden Markets.

Amelia, Ruairi & Michaela: The intention of our adventurous caper across London from Westminster College to Borough Market was to inspect an eclectic variety of ‘street food’ for the purposes of our final GCSE exam in Food Prep and Nutrition.

At Westminster Kingsway College we were given a tour. We met two ex St Mary’s students who are really enjoying their time at the college. Also, we were given a demonstration on how to make pulled pork in bao buns which were delicious. The trip to the college really benefited me as I would like to go into a career to do with catering, so it gave me an idea of what my future could be like if I went to the college. Their restaurant showed me what it could be like to be a chef.

Borough Market was definitely the place to visit if you are in need of introduction into the street food scene. All differ-ent market stalls with amazing colours, smells and dishes be-ing showcased, this helped to inspire us with ideas for our practical exam in early March. I am certain we will all visit again as we all fondly enjoyed this explosion to our senses!

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