125th Anniversary Mass

On Tuesday 10th May as a school community we all came together and had the honour of Bishop Paul McAleenan leading our 125th Anniversary Mass celebra-tions. The month of May is the month of our Lady, so it is only fitting for our 125th Anniversary Mass to show our devotion to our Lady as patron of our school. We were incredibly blessed to have three of our Sisters of St Mary of Nemur join us for this momentous celebration. Sr Judith Russi, Sr Moira Meeghan and Sr Sarah Smith joined us for Mass, a tour of the school and to meet with our students. It was the most special of days, Sr Judith and Sr Sarah had both in their vocation, taught at St Mary’s so this homecoming was an opportunity for us to show how our school has grown and changed over the years. Our students were exceptionally proud showing Sr Judith, Sr Moira and Sr Sarah our flourishing school community.

We were also honoured on the day to be joined by Fr John Cunningham, Parish Priest for Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and St Joseph, Waltham Cross, our School Governors and Directors of our Trust and Mr Celano to celebrate this moment in time through our Anniversary Mass. As a we gathered as a school com-munity our students shone bright with their leadership and service from our readers, Alter Servers, Acolytes, Offertory procession, Choir and Orchestra, it was a beautiful and prayerful Mass to celebrate the rich tapes-try of our 125 year history and more importantly the great future for our current students. The Anniversary Mass also witnessed five of our Y12 students commis-sioned as Eucharistic Ministers, Matthew T, Aoife G, Niamh H, Rosaleen C and Mary G were commissioned by Bishop Paul and led their ministry with dignity and reverence as models of their faith in action as student leaders. We are exceptionally proud of them and pray they continue to grow in their faith.

I hope you enjoy sharing in this celebration of our school history and fu-ture. In the Spirit of our founding sisters, may our school con-tinue to grow in love, respect and flourish as we pray together the founding sisters motto:

“In the simplicity of my heart I have joyfully offered all to God.”

God Bless
Miss McHugh

Acting Heads of School
Mr Johnston & Miss McHugh

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